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Hockley Mills is an exciting new mixed-use development in the Jewellery Quarter, of Birmingham City Centre, which achieved full planning approval in September 2018. The proposed scheme will consist of a residential complex with circa 390 apartments, individual landscaped courtyard spaces, commercial office space, active retail spaces and new workshop spaces intended for jewellery design and manufacture. In addition, a new ticket office is also proposed for the Jewellery Quarter Railway Station. Alongside this, there is the potential for the reuse of an existing Victorian Subway on the site as a gym or for further commercial uses.

The scheme has been designed to respond to various drivers on this key brownfield site. Being situated between two historic mature planted cemeteries (Key Hill and Warstone) and also bordering the Jewellery Quarter Conservation Area, the scheme looks to reinforce each respective frontage and utilise these for attractive residential views. Also, by providing a defined edge to these open spaces, it allows them to be reinterpreted as originally envisaged; as elegant landscaped parks.

The design also references the site’s previous industrial heritage; this development seeks to re-establish the lost warehouse scale, massing and architecture that used to be located on this site and that formed a critical part of understanding the Jewellery Quarter’s urban grain and land use. By reinterpreting this architecture for living, working and leisure and providing a gateway to the expansive rail and metro transport links, this site is an attractive proposition to the city and future residents.